Wine Services : a leading expert of distribution analysis for luxury wines and champagnes (Press Release)

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In a constantly evolving industry, wine producers face a multitude of challenges. Understanding their markets, identifying growth opportunities and strengthening their brand image have become central, especially as new generations of owners and managers come into play in an increasingly competitive environment.

An expert in collecting and analyzing distribution data, Wine Services is uniquely positioned to accompany wine producers in addressing these exigencies and making strategic choices.

A Singular and Pertinent Offering

Wine Services first pioneered the application of data aggregation methods to the wine industry in 2010 with the goal of helping wine producers better identify their end customers and anticipate trends.

Thanks to its team’s intimate knowledge of local markets, Wine Services regularly collects distribution data (vintages, formats, pricing, direct competitors…) in more than 4500 restaurants and 950 wine shops on three continents. This highly complete, precise portfolio of data is then analyzed using finely mastered proprietary tools, resulting in the most exhaustive and exact information available to wine producers today.

By providing a clear, trustworthy and objective vision of the market, Wine Services allows estate owners to save time and act with great precision, ultimately optimizing the decision-making process.

An Established Player

Today Wine Services is the only company to provide this unique type of sales intelligence. Its objective, factual approach to the industry has proved pertinent and valuable: after 7 years, the company serves nearly 100 clients in all the major winemaking regions across the globe, with a renewal rate of nearly 100%.

The three partners behind Wine Services — Clément Marcorelles, Guillaume Forcade and Caroline Meesemaecker — continue to place emphasis on innovation in looking to the future.

As it pursues even greater levels of precision and objectivity, Wine Services remains uniquely positioned to understand the market for luxury wines and champagnes and provide expert knowledge to owners of estates in a complex, diverse industry.

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